Sunday, April 19, 2009

Days 108 & 109

So Kate's been working on her loose top tooth a lot this weekend, I expect that the tooth fairy will be visiting us soon. Here she is with it still in place. I'm so sad to see her smile changing so much so quickly! She's growing up too fast.

Kate planted these flowers at a friend's house (I think they're daisies - I guess we'll be seeing soon!) Anyway, I just love to see them bend their little stems towards the light. It's such a great little science lesson for Kate and I am so constantly amazed at God's design and how it shows in the smallest things.


  1. Gods design is always really fantastic!

    Kate is such a wonder-/and beautiful girl and the looks great with her smile! Fantastic shot!

  2. Beautiful toothless smile. And Tammy, I just love your pics, they are amazing! Love the colors!

  3. These are stunning! Wow. There is just something about that first shot. Just beautiful. Your daughter is gorgeous.

  4. Your colors are always stunning. Those toothless grins are so cute, aren't you glad to have a photo of it?