Sunday, January 3, 2010

Days 362 - Happy New Year!

My very last post! It feel so good to have completed this project - I feel like it really gave me a chance to capture all the everyday moments of the year and work on my picture taking at the same time. I don't see me repeating the project for 2010, but maybe again in the future. Thank you to all that left such thoughtful comments throughout the year, it really kept me motivated and all of your blogs really inspired me!

Without further ado...
We had snow, but not the good "snowman sticky" snow :( Kate did the next best thing!

The girls gave Jeff and Ice Cream machine for Christmas, here they are all working on some delicious peppermint ice cream featuring the last of our candy canes, yum! (and if you'll notice, Lucy's not licking least not in this pic.)

Lucy was diagnosed with Reactive Airway Disease (RAD), it sounds much worse than it really is. It basically means that she hangs onto colds and coughs much longer than most. She started some medication and uses an inhaler when she gets a cough. Here she is being such a big girl, putting together her inhaler and mask/tube for her "breathing medicine". She's been such a good sport and it really is helping, thank goodness!

We went to the zoo for their "Noon Year's Eve" celebration to celebrate the new year with our really close friends. The girls made hats, noise makers and watched the ball drop at noon.

Finally an extra Happy New Year photo! May it be a good one for all!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Days 351 - 361

This project is almost over- whew!! Here we go...

Kate painted this beautiful gingerbread house, I printed it onto magnets for her teachers.

Lucy at our friends' house making gingerbread houses, or licking the frosting... again.

The girls at their church program, everytime people would clap, Lucy felt the need to join them. They were both so cute and did a great job.

The girls making Sculpey snowmen ornaments.

Necklaces I bought for the girls for Christmas from Etsy - OMG! These are gorgeous and check out how beautifully they were wrapped!! I bought them from the most amazing seller, Silver Enso - amazing!! Check out her store here.

Kate painted this beautiful Christmas house at Latchkey after school. Gorgeous! She's so darn talented!

My girls on Christmas eve, my mom made these amazing dresses - So darn beautiful!

The girls came downstairs to a trampoline from Santa on Christmas day - Love this pic!

Kate got a microscope from my mom for Christmas. She is in love!! She's such a science girl!

The girls came down this morning and sat on the trampoline and shared some headphones to listen to the Beatles on Kate's mp3 player - too cute!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Days 341-350

Lucy had been sick, mostly a bad cough and fever, but she felt good enough to be an artist for a bit!

Our resident Elf of a Shelf, Sam received a Christmas card from Kate. Love how she put it on the window so he could see it.

Kate has been visiting different countries each day in school and learning about their holiday traditions. She came off the bus with this candle wreath hat from Sweden. They get to have passports stamped at school for each country they "visit".

Our mantel and my two favorite decorations.

Lucy washing her hands, love how her foot is tucked back behind the other.

Kate graduated to her brown belt! She's doing soo great!

We had lunch with Santa and what a fabulous looking Santa he was! It was fun.

My MIL bought the girls this playmobil advent calendar. It has a woodland animal theme. Each day they open a door and get a piece of the scene. They love it!

I took this pic of our tree with tips from, I used a tripod and love how it came out, I always wanted to do this!

Holiday baking fun! Rolling... and

Frosting... or licking the frosting... lol!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Days 335 - 340

Lucy's new favorite game, Uno. She's good at it too!

Christmas craft that Kate and I have been working on, these get ribbon along the top and a battery operated tea light inside. I saw the idea at one of my favorite blogs, Our Best Bites

Lucy's daycare had the nicest holiday party for the families (great food too!). Here's Santa (check out that beard - it reminds me of cotton balls, he he!) the funniest part is that Santa's bricks started to fall down so I have a "brick holder person" in my photo, lol!

Here is Lucy with her Chinese school teacher, she is soo great! Great teacher, so sweet - we just love her!

LOVE this girl's laugh! We took a few pics in front of the tree.

We went to a Madeline tea party at our library. It was free and it was fantastic! They taught tea etiquette, had wonderful food and yummy tea and read the story of Madeline. Love this picture of Kate drinking wit her pinky extended.

Monday, November 30, 2009

days 331-334

Jeff's birthday and a cute pic with the girls.

He and I went to Cleveland to see his favorite Basketball team, they won, it was so much fun (and we got to get away!) Happy Birthday Honey! (horrible, grainy point and shoot pic though.. :(  )

We are so excited for Christmas this year, both girls are old enough to really understand it all and to show such enthusiasm for every part of the season. We decorated our tree and had a lot of fun watching the girls carefully hang each ornament.

This amazing gift came for me today!! The beautiful and talented Studio Girls at Scrapbook Graphics sent these gorgeous necklaces to the members of the Studio Crew. Isn't it absolutely awesome??!!! Thank you girls!!! You made my day!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Days 320-330

My girl can push up into a back bend. So strong!

Love this girl!

New hat, mittens and coat - cute smile too!

Gifts for Operation Christmas Child, it was so fun to shop for them. Kate used her own money for the gifts she gave.

Smithers after a bath.

Kate was asked to help demonstrate during her karate graduation. Love the blur from her lightning fast speed! LOL!

Good morning princess!

Some art projects I did with my second graders, we learned about Leo Lionni the author/illustrator of the adorable book, "Frederick". I love them displayed all together like this.

Kate made this fun turkey at school - complete with a yummy recipe we can't wait to try.

More artwork by my students - this is an art show I displayed at a local library.

Thanksgiving day, Kate and her grandpa. Love this picture!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Days 313 - 319

Kate on her way out to get the mail, I loved how her bright outfit contrasted with the gray weather. And check out the skip in her step, so cute!

This is what Smithers looks like through my nose printed and finger printed front door.

Kate's new glasses! So darn cute! The first pair are kind of plain, just to keep at home. The second pair are her fancy, trendy pair for school. Isn't she adorable?

Kate labeled the "speed bump" on the edge of the driveway, lol!

Kate and I went to a money workshop at church. It was so great, they gave the kids a piggy bank that stressed the importance of sharing, saving and spending your money. The bank has three sections to separate your money into. She's really excited about it.

Our local library had this fantastic party Saturday centered around the book Goldilicious. So of course the girls wore gold, the room was decorated with gold, they had a fashion show, and even had hired a "Good Fortune" Teller. Here's Lucy listening to her "Good Fortune" intently. Her fortune was about how she loved preschool and her teacher (how ever did she know that?! lol!) It was super cute. What a great party!

We had a Thanksgiving feast at church today. Lucy and her best little friend were taking turns playing a matching game on my iPod. Love this shot!