Sunday, November 15, 2009

Days 313 - 319

Kate on her way out to get the mail, I loved how her bright outfit contrasted with the gray weather. And check out the skip in her step, so cute!

This is what Smithers looks like through my nose printed and finger printed front door.

Kate's new glasses! So darn cute! The first pair are kind of plain, just to keep at home. The second pair are her fancy, trendy pair for school. Isn't she adorable?

Kate labeled the "speed bump" on the edge of the driveway, lol!

Kate and I went to a money workshop at church. It was so great, they gave the kids a piggy bank that stressed the importance of sharing, saving and spending your money. The bank has three sections to separate your money into. She's really excited about it.

Our local library had this fantastic party Saturday centered around the book Goldilicious. So of course the girls wore gold, the room was decorated with gold, they had a fashion show, and even had hired a "Good Fortune" Teller. Here's Lucy listening to her "Good Fortune" intently. Her fortune was about how she loved preschool and her teacher (how ever did she know that?! lol!) It was super cute. What a great party!

We had a Thanksgiving feast at church today. Lucy and her best little friend were taking turns playing a matching game on my iPod. Love this shot!


  1. Oh, Tammy love your pics! Kate looks so grown up with her beautiful new glasses (funny she and Anouk had new glasses at the same time). Fu does the same thing as Smithers but his nose is Bigger! ANd I just love Lucy all in gold with that serious look on her little face! Wonderful!!!!

  2. wonderful pictures Tammy - I love them all! Funny shot of Kate on her way to get the mail
    Great also the ones with her new glasses

    Totally cute shot of Lucy and her friend