Sunday, November 1, 2009

Days 299 - 305

Kate got these awesome socks from her friend for her birthday - aren't they cute?

We had another family birthday party for Kate, my mom made this amazing cake! It tasted sooo good too!

Awww! so Sweet! Notice Kate lost another tooth - she's missing 6 at once, 4 in a row on the top!

Jack-o-lantern time! Lucy's is so funny, it's got a chin and ears...

We made candy corn cupcakes, here's Lucy "helping"...

May I present Alice in Wonderland and the Queen of Hearts, my mom made these costumes (yes, my mom makes EVERYTHING!! she rocks!)

Kate's doing her "mom it's freezing" look along with her "Off with your Head" look...

The girls have been dying to jump in the leaves, they had their chance today.


  1. Happy Birthday.... and wonderful photos!

  2. OMG these pictures are sooooooo cute!! Love them all and your mother is very very talented!