Sunday, October 25, 2009

Days 292 - 298

Kate's school doesn't allow food birthday treats, so we made up these bags with pencils and stencils for her to take in to the kids in her class. I scrapped the toppers using Kristin Aagard's Trick or Treat kit from the Shabby Pickle.

Lucy putting her name on her homework for preschool - she needed to bring in something for the letter E, we settled on "envelope".

Here's Lucy with her "I don't want to cooperate for one more picture" look. She's such an actress, lol!

Kate had a party with her cousins at Chuck E. Cheese for her birthday. She had so much fun, I love how she's laughing here.

Out of town for the weekend with some special friends. The minute we got into the hotel room, Kate found the paper and decided to start listing fire safety rules. It says
"how to get out of a burning building, crawl if there's smoke." She's obsessed with what she's learned about fire safety - she just may become a fire marshall! lol!

We met up with some very close friends from our travel group for Kate for a reunion out of town. (We all adopted our oldest daughter's at the same time.) Here are the girls on a hayride - typical Lucy...

These girls LOVE each other so much, and we love the parents so much too. We are all so blessed. It was a great weekend!!


  1. The last pic is so cute! Have a nice day!

  2. so cute and wonderful pictures!! Love Lucy´s "do not cooperate" picture and the two with the "reunion girls"

    Take care of you!