Sunday, October 11, 2009

Days 278 - 284

Makin' cookies... in style.

These light up, but they need batteries. They are a highlight of the season every year when we pull out the Halloween box.

Lucy has always loved to put soft things up to her mouth as a comfort thing, it's been even more often lately, this pillow is what she carries around most.

More Halloween decorations, I love these little guys... except the tall guy, right after I took this, he fell over and lost his head... I guess that makes him even more "halloweeny"... DO NOT notice the dust on my table... ick.

Kate's had a fever this past weekend, she missed out on a few things so I gave her a "feel better" manicure.

Lucy being a bit dramatic while picking up this little pie pumpkin. Such an actress!

Lucy grinning for a pic while Smithers watches from the door.

Is it just me? or is this 365 thing lasting a super long time?? ugh!

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