Sunday, September 27, 2009

Days 264 - 270

Here I am again posting a whole week at once! I think the days of posting daily are way gone!

OK, here we go...
Lucy with a crusty nose, she's had a runny nose for I swear 6 months... and wearing a fire hat.

Kate got to pull money from a cash box as a prize for selling magazines for her school. The funny part? As soon as I opened this pic in PS, I got a warning about printing money! Then it took me to a site on the government rules for duplicating it. I figured I better add something so as to not look like a counterfeiter... lol!

Lucy waking from a nap with her favorite little stuffed baby ostrich, BeeBee.

Kate doing her 15 min. of reading every night. We love Amelia Bedelia, she's so darn funny!

Chinese class was canceled due to a Moon Festival celebration - we chose to celebrate at our house with our great friends, so much fun!

Lucy, so glamorous!

I just loved Lucy sitting behind all these disney princesses on the floor had to take the pic!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Days 257 - 263

Poor Smithers cut his leg open while he was running in the backyard :( He needed staples, he was in quite a bit of pain at first, he's doing much better now.

Lucy, that girl can accessorize!

Family Game Night! Lucy kept saying "I love this game!" Of course she's happy to pay people money, she thinks it means she's winning. ha ha!

Kate did this in school today - I couldn't have been more proud that she chose Art over computer time (she had originally circled the computer then erased it.) Makes her mom the art teacher sooo happy!

I've been reading this book FOREVER! It's soo good, but the only time I have to read lately is at the doctor waiting after and allergy shot or while I'm getting my hair colored. I need to finish it, I should take a night off from my laptop, that would help!

Kate and her number 1 round kick!

Here's Kate reading this little book from school. They have to read them 5 times and I have to sign it. It's frustrating because it's soo easy for her, but she's still supposed to read it 5 times.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Days 251 - 256

Here's Kate at her school's Open House sharing her desk with Lucy. She was so cute showing Lucy around her classroom. She had a great first day!

Kate has been interested in learning to use my camera, she was taking pictures of everything. I thought this one was cute of Lucy, she did a good job of zoomin' in!

My 6 1/2 year old daughter, loves V8! Isn't that crazy? I love it too, now I have to share it :(

My sweet boy, Smithers (this is right before he noticed my camera and rolled over submissively on his side. the camera stresses him out!)

We took the girls apple picking at the orchard this weekend. They have a few animals you can feed, this guy was soo funny, he was pawing at the food machine. He knows where his bread is buttered!

Kate pulled out two more teeth today... TWO! She's nearly toothless! The toothfairy is going to need to get a another job!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Days 244 - 250

I was having some upload issues, so my pics are smaller today... :(

I have completely lost the ability to get my pictures posted on time! sheesh!
Here's Kate outside her classroom at her school during new student orientation. We were bummed that we couldn't go in, but we got to see where it was at least!

I can't explain this, except I loved the blue flip flops on the yellow (dirty!) swing seat with the green grass... oh, and the bug repellent anklet!

Kate made this :)

This is soo funny, they have this huge bench outside of where they hold Chinese classes. She looks sooo tiny!

Here's Kate showing off her mad skills at the fair, back flippin' on the bungees! (She'd never tried it before, sometimes peer pressure can be good - her friend did it first!)

LOVE this one, love the laugh and check out the bokeh! The light that night was incredible!

Kate starts first grade tomorrow! Finally! Her school is starting so late. Here she is practicing her good-bye with her first day outfit, new backpack and lunch box.