Sunday, September 20, 2009

Days 257 - 263

Poor Smithers cut his leg open while he was running in the backyard :( He needed staples, he was in quite a bit of pain at first, he's doing much better now.

Lucy, that girl can accessorize!

Family Game Night! Lucy kept saying "I love this game!" Of course she's happy to pay people money, she thinks it means she's winning. ha ha!

Kate did this in school today - I couldn't have been more proud that she chose Art over computer time (she had originally circled the computer then erased it.) Makes her mom the art teacher sooo happy!

I've been reading this book FOREVER! It's soo good, but the only time I have to read lately is at the doctor waiting after and allergy shot or while I'm getting my hair colored. I need to finish it, I should take a night off from my laptop, that would help!

Kate and her number 1 round kick!

Here's Kate reading this little book from school. They have to read them 5 times and I have to sign it. It's frustrating because it's soo easy for her, but she's still supposed to read it 5 times.


  1. Great pictures, Tammy, I haven't been kiiping up in the comment department since school started. Art over computers, Yeah Kate! Accessories? I think that might me an understatement!

  2. beautiful pics - I missed you the last days! Great to see new parts of your life!

  3. Great shots! Your pictures are always great and are your children are so adorable. :) Sorry to hear about your puppy. :( I hope he's better soon!