Sunday, September 13, 2009

Days 251 - 256

Here's Kate at her school's Open House sharing her desk with Lucy. She was so cute showing Lucy around her classroom. She had a great first day!

Kate has been interested in learning to use my camera, she was taking pictures of everything. I thought this one was cute of Lucy, she did a good job of zoomin' in!

My 6 1/2 year old daughter, loves V8! Isn't that crazy? I love it too, now I have to share it :(

My sweet boy, Smithers (this is right before he noticed my camera and rolled over submissively on his side. the camera stresses him out!)

We took the girls apple picking at the orchard this weekend. They have a few animals you can feed, this guy was soo funny, he was pawing at the food machine. He knows where his bread is buttered!

Kate pulled out two more teeth today... TWO! She's nearly toothless! The toothfairy is going to need to get a another job!


  1. Such a visit zoo are always great!

  2. we love going into the zoo, too!!

    Beautiful pictures!! And also a great job from Kate!!