Monday, September 7, 2009

Days 244 - 250

I was having some upload issues, so my pics are smaller today... :(

I have completely lost the ability to get my pictures posted on time! sheesh!
Here's Kate outside her classroom at her school during new student orientation. We were bummed that we couldn't go in, but we got to see where it was at least!

I can't explain this, except I loved the blue flip flops on the yellow (dirty!) swing seat with the green grass... oh, and the bug repellent anklet!

Kate made this :)

This is soo funny, they have this huge bench outside of where they hold Chinese classes. She looks sooo tiny!

Here's Kate showing off her mad skills at the fair, back flippin' on the bungees! (She'd never tried it before, sometimes peer pressure can be good - her friend did it first!)

LOVE this one, love the laugh and check out the bokeh! The light that night was incredible!

Kate starts first grade tomorrow! Finally! Her school is starting so late. Here she is practicing her good-bye with her first day outfit, new backpack and lunch box.


  1. I missed your shots of your beautiful and happy girls! Glad here are some new ones! Incredible shot with the big bench and "small" Kate. Nice decoration at the classroom door and funny shot of laughing Lucy - she is so cute!
    Love also the bungee one - my boys enjoy this kind of bungee, too!! At the "practicing her good-bye" shot, Kate looks so grown up

  2. All wonderful pics, Tammy! But I really really love the one with the bench. It's so funny and beautiful at the same time!