Monday, August 31, 2009

Days 240 - 243

The girls started Chinese culture and language classes this week, here's Kate diligently working on her homework. She had to copy Chinese characters for Ni, Hao and Hen.

I don't think I could ever get enough of this kind of enthusiasm! Lucy here, finally brave enough to go it alone on her bike with training wheels. (She was petrified a few weeks ago)

Kate taking a ride on the mower with Dad (blades turned off of course!) Great laugh, crummy pic. It got cool here, she's wearing a knitted poncho her Grandma made her... with her sun dress!

The girls started dance classes tonight, they were so goofy and tired by the time we came home, this is the best pic I got!


  1. all are fantastic and cool shots! Love the one of Lucy on her bike most - with her screaming mouth it´s a really funny shot.

    Glad you´re having with Kate a daughter with so much enthusiasm - that´s really great

  2. I love that photo of Lucy on her bike LOL Obviously a great triumph for her to be able to bike on her own :) And the goofy dance photo LOL amazing what they get up to when they are tired!!