Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Days 211 - 216

This is my sweet cat Spike, that just can't get it together enough do any self-grooming, he is one big mat ball!

I came into the living room and there was Kate's iPod (my old one) and she was listening to the Beatles. I love it! They've been a favorite of hers since she was three. Love her taste! :)

Lucy blowing bubbles, I love this perspective, her eyelashes look so long.

Lucy made this in Sunday school - it's baby Moses - too cute! It just makes me laugh.

Apparently it's the Lucy Show this week, lol! Another Lucy in her cutie pj's.

Lucy picked out Handy Manny as a potty incentive (I'm trying to get her off the little potty seat and on the "big potty", she's so nervous about falling in.) Handy Manny seems to be doing the trick though. The part that she loves is that he talks and he says, "Righty Tighty, Lefty Lucy" ha, ha!

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  1. Great photos! We have a kitty who was all matted too, I finally shaved 1/2 of him. Unfortunately I wasn't even able to shame him into doing a better job, he doesn't seem to mind his "new" look.