Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Days 229 - 231

It's getting to be back to school time, I've been in to school getting my room ready this past week. We start with a teacher work day on Monday. So right after school was out in June I bought this awesome bag, it's actually a scrapbooking bag - but it's huge! and perfect for all of the school stuff I tote back and forth all the time.

Here's my dh on his lawnmower. You'd think with a riding lawnmower he'd get done faster... he takes forever!! He's such a perfectionist, he trims every uneven blade of grass, I swear!

Guess what I got?! New laptop! Yippee!! The cool thing is when I ordered it, they had a deal for a 10 inch mini for only $99! It's so much fun. I feel bad spending the money but my current laptop is falling apart! I've got a flickery screen, a bad cd drive, a bad usb port, a nearly full hard drive and Photoshop crashes WAY too often! So I bought a Dell, (after a great recommendation from my friend Kimberly, TY!) they have an awesome 2 year hardware and accidental damage warranty. Can't wait to get all my stuff switched over to it and start scrapping!


  1. fantastic bag and a great laptop!!

    And a cool shot of your DH on his lawnmower!

  2. Where did you get the bag? I love the colors and pattern!