Saturday, August 8, 2009

Days 217 - 220

I've gotten so bad at posting daily... Here's four in a row :)
I took the girls to the zoo and they have this amazing new children's area - it was awesome!! These masks were so cute!

Kate painted this self-portrait at an art camp she did a few weeks ago - I love it!! It's so sweet and hanging in our family room already!

So Kate lost two teeth in the same day! The top one has been hanging there by a thread for several days, Kate and Lucy were playing and Lucy's head knocked it out, lol! The bottom one I just had to wiggle a tiny bit and it was out too. Kate's making it hard on the tooth fairy, I think she had to take an extra trip to Tooth Fairy National Bank...

Kate stayed at Karate for an extra class today, it was her first time sparring, she did great! Here she is beating up someone much bigger than her, lol! (All of the advanced students and adults were so nice and so helpful to her, thank goodness!)


  1. each picture is fantastic!!! Cute the one with the teeth, cool the one with Karate and the self-portrait is stunning!! She is very talented