Sunday, August 16, 2009

Days 225 - 228

We're on a short vacation to the Smokey Mountains with my in-laws and sister-in-law. We've been here many times and it's always a fun place to go. We stay in Gatlinburg, Tennessee so there's a lot of touristy-type attractions. Lucy and my MIL were walking by this "World of Illusions" museum and Lucy wanted to say hi to this alien guy, she so very friendly... lol!

We took the girls for a hike to see a waterfall, of course we didn't realize how hard the hike was going to be. It was 1.4 miles uphill through tree roots and rocks, Lucy and Kate walked the whole way! and Kate walked the whole way back down. (these are kids that hate to even walk in the grocery store!) It was such a great hike, the waterfall was beautiful, we saw a salamander, llama poop (seriously, they use llamas to carry supplies up to a lodge that's way up in the mountains) and a big black snake slithered out and scared my MIL and Jeff half to death. It was pretty funny, Lucy almost stepped on it, it was so close.

Here's my SIL and Lucy sitting by a fountain, Lucy giving her best crazy grin (she's holding a llama stuffed animal we bought - I figured after seeing the poop, she should at least see what a llama looks like!)

We went to the big aquarium in town today, here's Kate and Lucy checking out the sting rays - they were HUGE! and this shot has a shark swimming over their heads too!

We're heading home tomorrow :)


  1. hey hun, first of all it's been ages..and I feel a little quilty! But my life has been kind of busy! I do take my photos, like you've seen, but I've payed to little visits, to my sweet p365 friends. So here I am...

    Love the photos, especially the one of the girls! Sounds like a fun place to visit and I love all the tourist things.

    Also looked back a bit and I totally looove the sweet family photo. So nice to see you all together!

    Oh and those froggies seem so cute!

  2. what a wonderful place and great adventure for the girls - fabulous pictures!