Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Days 221 - 224

Grandma reading the girls a story, love the attentive look on their faces!

I bought the girls some tiny frogs. Its so cool, they came in this little tank that has "living gravel" basically it's a whole ecosystem, it pretty much takes care of itself. The frogs get fed only twice a week and you only have to change the water twice a year. My kind of pets! The girls had so much fun watching them, then they laughed their heads off watching the frogs jump for their food. The food floats on top and the frogs jump and bump into it so it will sink and they can eat it. I have to admit it really was funny!

Kate had a great time doing a fashion show with some of her new back to school clothes. Her poses crack me up. I have no idea where she learned that!

Tomorrow is Kate's "gotcha day"! Kate became a part of our family 6 years ago tomorrow! It's truly an amazing and special anniversary. We celebrated by going out for Chinese food (Kate's pick) and ice cream. I like to take family pictures on these days, you should see how many shots it took to get this one, love Lucy's silly grin! It's hard to get pics with a timer!


  1. wow, what a fantastic family - shot!! It turned out really great!! Your a such a beautiful and blessed family!!

    Wonderful shot of Kate modeling!

    These frogs would be the kind of pets for me, too! LOL

    Love also the shot with grandma... it will be a wonderful childhood memory later

  2. I love your family shot and the one with grandma is just priceless!

  3. Beautiful family shot, loooove Lucy's grin! HAPPY FAMILY DAY!!!!!!
    Love the fashion shot, Kate's outfit is so cute and she's so beautiful! And what a cute frog tank. Nice to see grandma and the kids.