Sunday, October 25, 2009

Days 292 - 298

Kate's school doesn't allow food birthday treats, so we made up these bags with pencils and stencils for her to take in to the kids in her class. I scrapped the toppers using Kristin Aagard's Trick or Treat kit from the Shabby Pickle.

Lucy putting her name on her homework for preschool - she needed to bring in something for the letter E, we settled on "envelope".

Here's Lucy with her "I don't want to cooperate for one more picture" look. She's such an actress, lol!

Kate had a party with her cousins at Chuck E. Cheese for her birthday. She had so much fun, I love how she's laughing here.

Out of town for the weekend with some special friends. The minute we got into the hotel room, Kate found the paper and decided to start listing fire safety rules. It says
"how to get out of a burning building, crawl if there's smoke." She's obsessed with what she's learned about fire safety - she just may become a fire marshall! lol!

We met up with some very close friends from our travel group for Kate for a reunion out of town. (We all adopted our oldest daughter's at the same time.) Here are the girls on a hayride - typical Lucy...

These girls LOVE each other so much, and we love the parents so much too. We are all so blessed. It was a great weekend!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Days 285 - 291

This is one of Lucy's first drawings, she drew a ghost, it has fingers, ears, hair, legs and toes - love it!

A quick pic of Kate and her dad, he was listening to her read a story from school. How about Kate's cheezy smile!

Lucy being Lucy.

So Kate and I were looking through this journal that she keeps by her bed. I love that she loves to write, but... this page is all about her boyfriends! Noooo!! lol! I was trying really hard to play it cool. She's just so sweet, she thinks everyone is nice and I'm sure every boy in her class is a "boy friend". She's only in first grade, I'm not ready for this stuff! The next page was all about her sister, and the one after that? It was fire safety rules - ha ha! What a wide range of interests!

Kate showing me she's going to be 7 on Friday!

Kate's new Karate uniform.

We curled up in my bed and watched a movie together this afternoon.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Days 278 - 284

Makin' cookies... in style.

These light up, but they need batteries. They are a highlight of the season every year when we pull out the Halloween box.

Lucy has always loved to put soft things up to her mouth as a comfort thing, it's been even more often lately, this pillow is what she carries around most.

More Halloween decorations, I love these little guys... except the tall guy, right after I took this, he fell over and lost his head... I guess that makes him even more "halloweeny"... DO NOT notice the dust on my table... ick.

Kate's had a fever this past weekend, she missed out on a few things so I gave her a "feel better" manicure.

Lucy being a bit dramatic while picking up this little pie pumpkin. Such an actress!

Lucy grinning for a pic while Smithers watches from the door.

Is it just me? or is this 365 thing lasting a super long time?? ugh!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Days 271 - 277

Lucy, just making herself comfortable and using daddy as a ottoman.

Kate taking Boomer, her class pet for a bike ride. The kids take turns bringing him home and writing in his journal, it's such a cute project!

Kate doing her homework, she's reading her spelling sentences back to me.

Kate's version of a Monet pond painting, love this!

Lucy had a fever this week, so Jeff and I took turns staying home with her. She never really acted sick, as you can see. :)

Can you believe this girl's going to be 7 this month?! GASP! no!

We went to the zoo with the girls today, they have these great masks and hats, Love this one!