Sunday, October 4, 2009

Days 271 - 277

Lucy, just making herself comfortable and using daddy as a ottoman.

Kate taking Boomer, her class pet for a bike ride. The kids take turns bringing him home and writing in his journal, it's such a cute project!

Kate doing her homework, she's reading her spelling sentences back to me.

Kate's version of a Monet pond painting, love this!

Lucy had a fever this week, so Jeff and I took turns staying home with her. She never really acted sick, as you can see. :)

Can you believe this girl's going to be 7 this month?! GASP! no!

We went to the zoo with the girls today, they have these great masks and hats, Love this one!


  1. I always LOVE the colors in your pics! Beautiful almost 7 year old Kate, love that photo with the little flowers, she's so sweet! And Lucy, well do you ever stop laughing and having fun with her? I LOVE that last pic with the fish: hilarious!!!!!

  2. As Chantal I love the picture of Kate with the little flowers!!! Wonderful! And her version of Monets pond painting turned out fantastic - she is really talented

  3. SUCH GREAT PHOTOS!! That fish one cracks me up too and that sweet toothless grin in Kate's photo melts my heart!

  4. All great photos, but the "Monet's" painting is wonderful.

  5. wonderful impressions - thank you for this take!