Sunday, September 27, 2009

Days 264 - 270

Here I am again posting a whole week at once! I think the days of posting daily are way gone!

OK, here we go...
Lucy with a crusty nose, she's had a runny nose for I swear 6 months... and wearing a fire hat.

Kate got to pull money from a cash box as a prize for selling magazines for her school. The funny part? As soon as I opened this pic in PS, I got a warning about printing money! Then it took me to a site on the government rules for duplicating it. I figured I better add something so as to not look like a counterfeiter... lol!

Lucy waking from a nap with her favorite little stuffed baby ostrich, BeeBee.

Kate doing her 15 min. of reading every night. We love Amelia Bedelia, she's so darn funny!

Chinese class was canceled due to a Moon Festival celebration - we chose to celebrate at our house with our great friends, so much fun!

Lucy, so glamorous!

I just loved Lucy sitting behind all these disney princesses on the floor had to take the pic!


  1. sweet little girls! In the last image is a very nice perspective! Have a nice week!

  2. it totally agree with Flohbock!! Your girls are so cute - and I always love to see your pictures!

  3. So sweet! I'm just now getting caught up. I think my blog is a month behind so don't feel bad!

  4. I'm finally getting back to my blog so I'm finally getting to check everyone else's :) Both of your girls are always so photogenic!