Sunday, November 8, 2009

Days 306 - 312

The girls pick a few pieces of candy from Halloween to keep and leave the rest of the nice "Halloween Witch" who takes it while they sleep and leaves a gift in its place. This year Lucy got a Handy Manny Uno game. She's such a smartie - she's picked up the game really well with only occasional hints from dad.

Here's Lucy's "G" homework for preschool, we hit the jackpot with the Petco ad... Guinea pig AND Gecko! (Also a cartoon of Garfield from the comic section)

Kate found out this week that she needs reading glasses, here she is testing out mine while reading some Junie B. She picked out some super cute pink glasses, she should get them this upcoming week - stay tuned!

My girl trying to not miss one drop of soup!

Our pumpkins have lived quite some time this year, the squirrels didn't discover their yummy goodness until now.

The girls picked out their own clothes today, Lucy came down in these horribly uncomfortable, but Oh So Sparkly shoes...

The last of Kate's thank you notes from her birthday. Now we just have to get them mailed off. She does such a good job on each one.


  1. OMG are these pictures cute? Yes they are!!

    Can´t wait to see Kate´s new glasses!

    Amazing how you captured the squirrel

  2. Great photos! Good job to Kate on those letters! Love the photo of Lucy and Dad. She looks so proud of her G page.