Thursday, February 5, 2009

Day 35 & 36 too

So I took my laptop in because I had a USB port that wasn't working... umm, apparently they didn't find anything wrong with it - grrr! Of course it won't work for my mouse, EHD or camera... not sure how that equals "works fine."

Anyway, here's day 35 - (Kimberly, this is for you ;) ...) Edamame, just the pods. I love edamame like crazy and I found these great little individual packs frozen at Cosco. I'm so excited because I love them and Kate loves them too - this pile of empties is actually hers. I just love hearing my girls excited about veggies!

Day 36:
I remember loving Valentine's day as a kid so much. Choosing your cards and creating your Valentine's box, eating those disgusting conversations hearts even though you hated them (they were sugar, after all!) Anyway, I love watching it now through Kate's eyes. Of course she thinks it's ValenTIMES day... So here's Kate working intently on filling in her name on her cards for her class. She chose High School Musical ones and Kung Fu Panda too.


  1. Both of these are great photos. Love the contrast in the edamame pic!

  2. It was only a matter of time before the edamame showed up on the blog! lol Great photos! I love Kate's pen. :)

  3. Great shots! We love edamame too! Yummy!

    Oh, I remember those gross conversation hearts and eating them just because they were candy after all ... even if they tasted like stale chalk! LOL!

  4. Your photo made me go buy some for lunch- ah the perfect food, the edamame!

  5. Ohh I love these, its funny I always hated those conversation hearts too and ate them anyway LOL!! Love your daughteres pen, we have to do Lilys valentines invites. It blows me away its already time to do them! I swear v-day just passed and it was all the way last year!

  6. I remember those hard little cinnamon hearts too, I didn't like those, but again, they were sugar so I ate them! Good times. I've never heard of edamame, must go and look it up.