Saturday, March 28, 2009

Days 86 & 87

I got home just after Kate had gone to bed, I went in to say good night and she asked if I saw my invitation... I went downstairs and she had hung this on the wall. In Kindergartenese it says, "Easter Eggs Hunt Party at 6 o'clock with Kate and Lucy and we will have an Easter Basket when the party starts. Love, Kate and Lucy" (I think she was really hoping that I would follow through and plan a real party.) So you don't all think I'm mean, we always have one on Good Friday with her cousins anyway. I'm so happy to see her writing so much lately. She's doing such a great job of spelling phonetically.

This is a bear in the microwave (I thought it made for a funny pic). Don't worry, he belongs there! It's one of those that you heat up to put on sore muscles and stuff. I love the way he smells, it's like lavendar. Anyway, poor Lucy I think, has an ear infection and she just hasn't been acting quite like herself. She was swinging outside while Jeff was working in the yard and she just couldn't warm up. Her hands were icy for over an hour! I tried to get her to hold the bear and she wouldn't have anything to do with him. I guess we'll see how she feels tomorrow, she definitely has had a fever :(

The photography class I'm taking I had read about at Clickin'Moms, I think. It's here at Proud Photography. I took a really great class last summer at Jessica, with Candace Stringham called Oh Shoot! Beginner Digital Photography- I learned a lot. It quickly taught me how to shoot in manual and for the first time explained shutter speed and aperture so that I could understand it. I felt that I wanted another class though, with assignments and maybe more detail so that I could become more automatic and faster with getting the settings right on my camera in different lighting situations. So far the Proud Photography class is ok, but I haven't really progressed into material that's new for me yet. The price is good and you are assigned a teacher that you can contact and ask questions to. It really has just got me practicing more. There are several more lessons, so I'm hopeful that there's some good new stuff waiting for me.


  1. what a wonderful invitation!

    And the teddy in microwave looks so special! Hope Lucy is feeling better now?

  2. The invitation is Easter has become so sweet ... and the bear in the microwave is cool ... no is hot! I would like to have fun with your course!
    have a nice Sunday!