Thursday, July 2, 2009

Days 181, 182 & 183

Kate's taking swim lessons - it has been so cold this week! It's been less than 70 degrees each day. She's doing really well and having a great time. Here's a pool pic and a diving board pic, she's fearless!

Finally, a goofy face from Lucy :) I know, it's so unlike her! lol!


  1. That Lucy cracks me up! TOO SWEET!

    I can't believe how brave Kate is, EmmaLi would never jump in the pool like that. (of coarse this is the same kid that was home 3 months before I could get her to even go into the bathroom let along give a real bath to)

    It's been so cold here that they have cancelled outdoor swim lessons a few times. CRAZY!

  2. congrats to Kate!! Fantastic pool pictures! But I also love Lucy´s face!

  3. Great swim photos! and Lucy - love her!