Monday, July 20, 2009

Days 198 - 201

The girls sitting in McDonald's waiting for friends and entertaining themselves on my iPod :)

I went to a Women of Faith conference in Cleveland this past weekend. What a great weekend it was, the conference was so uplifting and inspirational. Loved it! Here I am with LeBron James... or his picture at least.

Lucy went to Sunday School for the first time here she is in her Kai Lan jammies with the sheep she made, isn't that thing hilarious?

I finished my Disney scrapbook and sent it off to Shutterfly! woo hoo! it took forever! I'm done!


  1. Daily dose of Lucy and Kate cuteness! My kids are glued to Dad's itouch. Can't imagine how we all grew up without them!!

  2. can´t wait to see your Disney Scrapbook - sure it´ll turn out great!

    Cute pic of Lucy and she sheep! The other pics are also great

  3. your girls are so cute!
    i'm so impressed you've kept this up. I'm woefully behind.

  4. Hihi .. probably because you need to grow something else ...! Have a nice week!

  5. Love the shape of the sheep! Very funny!!! ... and I would love to see your disney album too!

  6. Love Lucy's sheep!

    The Women of Faith conference sounds like something I'd like to do someday....

    Great job on finishing your Disney album!! I'm still trying to finish our albums for our Disney trips in 2006, 2007 and 2008! :P