Thursday, July 16, 2009

Days 194 - 197

Lucy's always been so cute about hugging her stuffed animals.

I finished Lucy's room, she has new furniture, new bedding and I painted a few friends on the walls :) She was so cute, she walked in and said, "So Beautiful!" Aw, shucks...

Finally found this awesome Ni Hao Kai Lan puzzle at Target, the girls love it!

Love this shot of Lucy smiling up at her dad on her bike. Now if we can just get her to pedal forwards! lol!


  1. Hope you are feeling better! I'm dealing with strep. What the heck I thought summer vacation was a illness free zone for teachers! Love Lucy's room. It is so darned cute!

  2. how cute are these pictures of Lucy love her smiling up to Dad!

    The walls of Lucy´s room turned out fantastic with the mermaids! You are so talented Tammy!

  3. Wow! Tammy, these mermaids look amazing! What a lovely room! Love the colors!!!
    Lucy always makes me smile. Just love the daddy-daughter moment! Beautiful!!!