Saturday, May 2, 2009

Days 120, 121 & 122

One of the girls from Kate's sleepover this weekend left her little stuffed guinea pig, we wanted her to know that we were taking good care of him and that he was eating well... (well not well, but yummy!)

My girls playing so nice together - they will sit and both play with Kate's DS. Love it!

We spent Friday night with friends (and Marilyn) at a Mommy Daughter dance. This pic was after a night of food, dancing and fun! (Why is that dumb Macarena song soooo long??? I think we both lost 10 pounds of perspiration!)


  1. The guinea pig picture is too funny. You and Marilyn are looking really good too!

  2. what a beautiful shot of you both!! Seems you had much fun!

    Great shot of the guinea pig, too!!

  3. hihi I have also a photo with guinea pig... ;o)

  4. The two of you look great! The guinea pig looks happy :)