Saturday, May 30, 2009

Days 148, 149 & 150

Kate won a Ninja party at her Karate studio, she couldn't have been more excited. I put together these party favors using sour "Punch" twists, (it was the only thing I could find that connected to Karate at all...) I looked online for inspiration for a girl ninja and created these little ninja girl in photoshop.

So the party was a lot of fun, Lucy got to participate (as much as she could with her short attention span and extremely short legs...) Here's Kate running and doing a jump kick on the bag...

and Lucy running up... stopping... grabbing on the bag for balance... and lifting her leg slowly up to the bag... it was hilarious! She was determined though!

Finally here's the girls being my "fast action" models. They were jumping around in the driveway so I could practice my fast action, quick shutter speed shots. :)


  1. Love the first 2 photos, showing the girls and their approach to the kicking bag :)

  2. These are fantastic! Great action shots! Your girls are absolutely adorable. :)

  3. Wow, amazing action shots! Can you teach me, pleeeeease!
    Love the girls kick! So wonderful! And that little Ninja girl of yours: WOW! Would love a little tutorial for that one!

  4. First - will you be making that cute ninja available for the rest of the world?? SO darling, I bet they were a HIT (get it?)

    Lucy makes me laugh so hard - what a crack up and LOVE those action shots!

  5. Wow, those are great action shots. I really need to read my book...
    Your invitations should be on the market!
    I can just picture Lucy with her dress up over her head. Isn't that what little girls are meant to do?