Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Days 131 & 132

Kate painted this vase for me for Mother's day at a fun Kids Night Out at a local ceramics studio. Isn't it beautiful!! (And the pretty, and fragrant! lilacs stolen from my neighbors are perfect in it. LOL!)

So these shoes take me back to high school, it was buy a pair of shoes get a pair 1/2 off at the Shoe Carnival today... I couldn't resist a new pair of All Stars - check out the cute tongue! Still trying to decide between the white and black laces...


  1. How about one shoe with one shoelace and other with black shoelace? Maybe you'd start a new fashion trend! :)

    Beautiful vase!

  2. I can almost smell those lilacs!

  3. I'm with Helen I'd leave one black and the other white!

    The vase is beautful!!! Wow!

  4. Wunderschöner lilac and very nice shoes!

  5. what a beautiful vase! Well done Kate!! Sure you are really proud of her!!

    Great shoes!!

    Thanks for stopping at my blog. Yes, my son is a swimmer, in a competition team.

  6. Beautiful vase! How cool are those shoes?! I love them. Great shots!