Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Days 138, 139 & 140

Kate had her recital tonight, I know you are probably tired of me gushing about how cute she is in her costume, but I can't help it! One more pic of her, this one a bit different... Here she is shakin' her tail. She was cracking herself up too (and me along with her!)

My kids at school made these Sculpey clay aliens today - they are so funny all together on the plate like that. Got to bake 'em now.

Everyday moment: the girls lunch boxes all ready for tomorrow. I hate packing lunches, but Kate helped me out tonight, she was such a helper. It reminded me how much she really can do, sometimes I just do things and don't think to ask her to help. She really had fun helping me get things ready for tomorrow. It was nice.


  1. Love all 3 pictures but I especially like the lunchbox tags. What a great idea, instead of writing the names on the lunchboxes themselves!

  2. great you are having such a little helper!! That´s wonderful... as your pictures are wonderful.

    The Sculpey clay aliens are looking funny - great work

    And no, I´m not tired of you gushing about how cute Kate is in her costume. You are proud of her and that´s wonderful and the pictures are great and a great memory

  3. Love the pictures of Kate in her costume. I'm not tired either.
    I hate packing lunches too! Luckily they are now old enough that I just tell them they have to pack their own. The joys of "middle aged" kids!

  4. That costume is too cute not to gush over!!! I wish EmmaLi was going to look half as cute in her recital costume. (and how lucky are you that Kate's is only 1 night, we have an entire weekend with 2 performances plus dress rehersal, I'm exhausted already and it's NEXT weekend LOL)

    I love the little lunchbox tags too, what a great idea, and those little aliens are adorable!!

  5. I'd be gushing, too! You can't get enough cute photos, especially while they are little, because they move on to other things and those days are gone forever.

  6. That is a FANTASTIC shot of the costume! Great to catch it - and it has great movement. Your photos are beautiful (as usual!)

    I LOVE those little aliens!