Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Days 123, 124 & 125

It has been such a busy few days, I just can't seem to keep up with anything! I decided to take break from real work long enough to update my blog, I hate letting it get so far behind.

First, I love this picture of Kate on the trampoline, it's funny that it looks like she has no feet, and I love how she's looking at her cousin.

My new favorite way to take pics is by laying on the ground - I like the depth it gives this pic of violets.

I love how the buds on this (pear??) tree in my yard are pink. Isn't it funny that there's no pink in the flowers?


  1. I love how she looks like she is flying. EmmaLi would LOVE one of those trampolines!

    Your flowers look so pretty, and that is really funny how the buds are pink but the flowers are white.

  2. Fantastic pictures! These are beautiful. I love the expression on your daughter's face. :)

  3. funny shot on the trampoline!! beautiful smile of Kate!