Friday, May 22, 2009

Days 141 & 142

I couple of things first... I had a question about "BFF's", it means "Best Friends Forever". It's a typical thing written in school year books and text messages (for kids, and like me, childish adults, lol!)

The tags on my girls lunch boxes have their pictures on the front and their names on the back, I bought plastic baseball card covers to hold them. they're pretty durable and have lasted all year. I also have tags on their book bags. :) Thank you all for your nice comments, it is so much fun for me to read them, it is truly a highlight in my day! Thank you for taking the time!

On to Day 141:
So I had a banquet to go to for my Teacher's Associaton for my school district, my friend had been nominated for an educator of the year award. These nights aren't really that exciting because they involve lots of speeches that go on too long... until I'm sitting there and realize someone is talking about ME. In front of tons of people. Me. I still get a stomach ache thinking about it. My wonderful friends LIED to me, I was being honored and I had no idea! I received the Distinguished Service award, I feel so honored and completely overwhelmed. I still can't believe it. The hard part is that I have to organize a dinner and help determine next year's winner and give a speech for them at next year's banquet... I'm already stressing about it! Still feeling good about my award though, how cool to be noticed! :) (The big plaque has names going back to 1967, many of them union presidents.)

I took pictures of the girls in their new bathing suits, we joined a pool this year so they each got a few new ones. I figured it would be nice not to have to rely on just one suit. (I have to admit, that I also have a few AMAZING scrap kits that I wanted pictures for, I work backwards a lot... pics have to match the kit, right?! lol!) Another typical crazy Miss L pic (this was after she calmed down about the fact there might be mosquitos outside, she's terrified of bugs. I felt bad after we came in she had two HUGE mosquito bites on her shoulder. both of my girls swell up like crazy from any bite.)


  1. CONGRATULATIONS on the award, that is awesome!!!

    Miss L is just a hoot, pictures of her just make me smile I can't even imagine the joy she must bring your family!!!

    Again, CONGRATS to you!!!

  2. wow that´s really fantastic! Congrats on the award!!!

    Beautiful shot of Miss L.

    Wish you a nice weekend!

  3. Okay - what kind of a big dork am I that I burst into tears when I read your award post?!! I am SO proud of you! I know you are an awesome person and I wish my children could have you as a teacher. Your kids are very lucky!!

  4. Congratulations on your award!! I wish my girl had you for a teacher, too!