Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Days 151, 152 & 153

Thank you all for your nice comments (and funny ones too!) The only tips I have for action shots is try your camera on Shutter Speed Priority (it's Tv on my Canon), I bumped the ISO up to 400 and I used my flash. My shutter speed for the girls jumping was 1/800 at f 5. I took about a million pics to get one. It's tricky!

I've got some comments coming your way too! It's late tonight though and want to get some things posted and then hit the hay! I'll send some love your way tomorrow! Promise!

Here we go...
Lucy found these glasses at my mother in law's house, I must have taken 20 pics, they were so darn cute!

Lucy started dance class this Monday. Here she is pre-class showing me her moves. She was really funny in class, she did pretty well considering her short attention span! If nothing else, she was cute (but not so cute when I saw her in class lifting her skirt abover her head! LOL!)

Our last day of school is Thursday this week. I needed to get Kate a picture outside the school that we shared for a whole year. She'll go to our neighborhood school in the fall for 1st grade, I'll miss her in my building everyday! Of course I keep telling her that she's not old enough to go to first grade. Someone make this growing up thing stop!


  1. cute and really beautiful pictures - and thanks for the tips for action shots!!

  2. Such sweet photos! LOVE the glasses!

  3. Oh my! That's the most adorable little ballerina! :)