Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day 169

They have a beautiful pond at the hospital where my mom is staying. They have more than their fair share of ducks and geese, I thought the girls would like to feed them so we saved some of their french fries from lunch. When we went down to feed the ducks Kate fed them generously while Lucy...well, fed herself. Cold fries. Yum. Lucy loves her "Fre Fries".

Thank you for the nice well wishes to my mom, she's doing really great! :) Thank you too for all the nice comments you leave! It always makes my day!


  1. Such bright colors! Looks like the girls had fun. So glad to hear that your mom is doing well. Give her an extra hug. I miss my mom every single day...

  2. This is a great action/event shot. Different and interesting! That's so funny about Lucy! Good thing it wasn't old stale bread!

  3. Well looks like a lot of the fun .... for girls and for the ducks!

  4. First of all I hope your sweet mom will get well soon!!! Sweet photo and LOL about the cold fries. I know a guy who eats cold fries for lunch every other day!!! LOL he even keeps them in the fridge

  5. great your mom is doing great!!

    Wonderful picture!!

    Wish you a nice weekend!