Saturday, June 20, 2009

Days 170 & 171

I sent the girls out to get in the car so we could leave for Grandma's and I found them mowing the... garage floor. Kate always dresses up when she rides the mower, lol!

Jeff had to get a work out in today, his favorite exercise: the Lucy Press (apparently it's her favorite too!)

Heading to Disney tomorrow morning, Yippee!! I'll be posting from there! :)


  1. great and funny pictures!

    I wish you all a wonderful trip to Disney! Can´t wait to see your pictures!!

    Have a good time!

  2. Have a great time in Disney!! Will you get to meet up with Anita and her girls?!?!

  3. Oh that's what I wear to mow the lawn too! =)

    Are you guys there yet? Can not wait to read/see posts from your trip!!

  4. What, no pearls like Mrs. Cleaver? I just told dh we have to go to Disney again because I have all the Forrester Wish QPs and kits to use!