Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Days 166, 167 & 168

Usually it's Lucy watching Kate plate her Nintendo DS, but this time Kate is watching Lucy intently as she plays her Leapster :)

Lucy had her 3 year doctor check up, no shots (yea!) but a tiny finger poke to check her cholesterol. I told her that the nurse would poke her finger (I didn't have the heart to tell her that it might hurt...) so she volunteered her little finger up to the nurse and when she poked it, Lucy didn't even flinch! She watched her add the blood to the slide/tab thing and didn't even want the band-aid. What a tough cookie!

My mom had a knee replacement yesterday. She's really doing well, I'm so glad for her, she's been limping about on her bum knee for far too long. So I scrapped her a card with this pic and took it to her when we all visited her today! Get well soon Mom! Love you!


  1. What a brave girl! Way to go Lucy!!!!!!
    And give your mom some get well wishes from me, from the other side of the ocean!

  2. Oh i bet that card brought a huge smile to her face! Lucy is such a brave girl!

  3. Brave Lucy!!!

    Wonderful card for your mum - wish her all the best!!

  4. Beautiful shots! OMG your girls are always so adorable!

  5. How did I miss this? Great photos - love that you captured the finger! That's one of those photos that I WISH I'd think to take! I am so happy for your mom - my mom would love to have her knees (and hips) replaced. I hope she has a quick recovery!