Saturday, June 27, 2009

Days 177 & 178

We stayed at Port Orleans French Quarter, what a beautiful hotel, with gorgeous grounds and such a cool New Orleans feel. (actually a hot feel! LOL!) They had this awesome greeter that gave out green lucky coins to kids to wish on and then throw in the lobby fountain. Lucy LOVED this! She kept asking to go see the "Money Man". Here she is with him and then wishing with all her might!

Here the girls are, not happy at all to be going home. If you think they look sad, you should have seen us adults!! We were stomping our feet throwing one heck of a tantrum! It was such an amazing week, we could have stayed forever. :)


  1. Awesome Disney trip! We stayed at Port Orleans Riverside last summer -- it's such a great resort! We swam in the French Quarter pool one evening too. I loved the photo of Cinderellas stepmother and stepsisters -- what a hoot!!!!

  2. wow the shots of Lucy wishing and with the money man are so cute!!

    Glad you had such a wonderful and funny/happy week.